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Special Announcement2020-08-06T15:53:42-08:00

Special Announcement

August 3, 2020

Dear Friends of Twelve Oaks,

We are so grateful for all of the support you have provided to Twelve Oaks during our long history of serving the senior community and want to share some wonderful news for Twelve Oaks.

Since our reopening over two and a half years ago, our dream for Twelve Oaks has been to secure the legacy of Twelve Oaks, so that it can provide a beautiful, loving home for our senior community for many years to come. Our quest to secure that legacy has led to an exciting plan to affiliate with Episcopal Communities & Services (ECS) headquartered in Monrovia. Like Twelve Oaks, ECS is a nonprofit dedicated to providing exceptional communities and services to seniors.

Established in 1923 to serve widows, ECS now provides housing and services to nearly 1,000 older women and men of all faiths and varying economic means living in six life plan and housing communities throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties. We are immensely proud of the legacy of Twelve Oaks Senior Living, which began in the 1930s when James and Effie Fifield donated their home to serve seniors in the San Gabriel Valley. As stewards of the mission that the Fifields created, we are thrilled to find in ECS a partner with a similar long history, dedication to mission, commitment to providing exceptional senior care, and a deep involvement with the communities in which they are located.

With ECS as our partner, we can write a next chapter for Twelve Oaks that will provide an even stronger and more dynamic community for our residents. We will immediately proceed with significant reinvestment in the campus, including completing the renovation of existing buildings (increasing the number of available residences from 35 to 45 assisted and independent living residences), and enhancing the landscaping throughout the property. Rest assured that there will be no disruption in services. Staff from both organizations will be working together over the next several months. Over this period, we will continue to communicate with our residents and their families; our team members and volunteers; and our donors, friends and other community members about how we intend to proceed with improving our campus and enhancing services.

Fellow Twelve Oaks director Gabriel Mendham Chuck and I will stay on as directors of Twelve Oaks Foundation and will join the board of ECS. Twelve Oaks director Jim Kambe will join the board of ECS Foundation. If you have any additional questions about the affiliation, please feel free to email me at or Gabriel at

Sincerely yours,
Rose Chan Loui

Rose Chan Loui
Board Chair
Twelve Oaks Foundation

Questions and Answers

Why are Twelve Oaks Foundation and Episcopal Communities & Services for Seniors affiliating?2020-08-06T13:43:51-08:00

Twelve Oaks Foundation dba Twelve Oaks Senior Living (Twelve Oaks) and Episcopal Communities & Services for Seniors (ECS) each have been looking at ways to expand their mission to continue their historic commitment to high-quality senior services for the long-term future.

Twelve Oaks desired a partner with similar values and mission to support its campus renovation efforts. ECS was seeking to expand its mission to seniors across the economic spectrum and welcomed the opportunity to support a residential and assisted living rental community.

Additionally, there are many similarities and strengths between both organizations, including a shared history and mission, aligned legacies, common commitment to a continuum of senior services and programming, a strong charitable commitment to seniors, and an involvement with the communities in which they are located. The well-being of our residents and staff over the long term has always been our primary focus.

Is this an affiliation or a takeover?2020-08-06T13:44:29-08:00

ECS will become the parent organization and Twelve Oaks will continue as a separate nonprofit corporation. To maintain the legacy of Twelve Oaks and provide for a seamless transition, 50% of the existing members of the Twelve Oaks Foundation Board of Directors will join the Board of ECS and the Episcopal Communities and Services Foundation (ECS Foundation).

Will Twelve Oaks be affiliated with the Episcopal Church?2020-08-06T13:46:06-08:00

ECS serves people of all faiths, ethnicities, affiliations and economic means. ECS’ name reflects the legacy of our founding. ECS was established in 1923 by church leaders, including the Bishop Horsfall Johnson, to care for members of the Diocese of Los Angeles, many of whom had limited or no financial resources.

Twelve Oaks and ECS both embody a strong charitable tradition of providing exceptional services to seniors. Twelve Oaks and ECS will continue to serve their residents regardless of faith and affiliation.

What about the Twelve Oaks Senior Living’s historic commitment to service to low/moderate income elderly. Will it change?2020-08-06T13:47:04-08:00

No, it won’t. Both Twelve Oaks and ECS remain committed to charitable and benevolent care. In fact, ECS has a long history of providing subsidized care to the elderly. Both organizations have common missions. This is one of the reasons why an affiliation of these two organizations makes sense — to be able to continue a strong commitment to charitable care.

Will there continue to be the need for charitable donations under this new organization?2020-08-06T13:47:51-08:00

Yes, non-profit senior care communities like Twelve Oaks Senior Living and those within the ECS family are grateful for charitable donations. Both organizations engage in charitable solicitations and after the affiliation, the ECS Foundation will engage in the solicitation of charitable donations for the Twelve Oaks community.

What if I only want my charitable gift to go to one organization or the other.2020-08-06T13:49:07-08:00

All charitable gifts may be restricted by the donor to be used for a specific purpose or for a specific facility or program. This ability will continue.

What about my existing contract, will my existing contract change in any way?2020-08-06T13:49:37-08:00

No. Every effort will be made to ensure that all elements of current contracts are honored and maintained. ECS has the same commitment to its residents as Twelve Oaks does.

Will my rates increase?2020-08-06T13:49:59-08:00

All existing residents’ fees were modeled to remain exactly where they are now, with increases based on the cost of living.

Who will lead the efforts during this transition?2020-08-06T13:50:32-08:00

James Rothrock, President & CEO, and Terry Quigley, Senior Vice President of Operations/COO, both of ECS, will oversee operations of all ECS communities and its subsidiaries, including Twelve Oaks. Denise Gotto will remain Executive Director of Twelve Oaks Senior Living.

What about members of the Twelve Oaks Senior Living staff. Will they also transfer to ECS?2020-08-06T14:04:15-08:00

Throughout this process both organizations will continue to maintain their historic commitment to positive employee relations. Both remain dedicated to retaining quality employees. We appreciate the team that Twelve Oaks has built and look forward to getting to know each of them and welcoming them to the ECS family. The Twelve Oaks Senior Living team members will transition to the ECS wage and benefits structure and will enjoy the employment opportunities offered to other team members of ECS. Aseries of meetings will be held with team members throughout this transition.

What about volunteers and auxiliary members? Will the need for such assistance continue?2020-08-06T13:51:51-08:00

Yes. Again, charitable support, whether in the form of money or services, is always most welcome. Twelve Oaks will continue to welcome and encourage volunteers–ensuring the kind of caring environment we wish to maintain.

Was TOSL/TOF in financial trouble?2020-08-06T13:52:31-08:00

Our ability to continue to deliver quality residential care over the long term have required a significant updating of our buildings, infrastructure and equipment, and landscaping, and there is more to be done. These projects to enhance the overall Twelve Oaks community require a significant amount of capital. The affiliation with ECS, a financially strong organization with a similar mission, strengthens Twelve Oaks’ long-term financial and organizational health.

Will Twelve Oaks Senior Living be sold?2020-08-06T13:53:02-08:00

ECS’ history demonstrates a discerning approach to growth. ECS will support Twelve Oaks in its mission of serving the senior community for the long term. ECS’ actions with regard to this affiliation have been reviewed and affirmed by the Attorney General. ECS is investing substantially in Twelve Oaks and is looking forward to completing the renovation project, enhancing the landscaping throughout the campus, and otherwise reinvesting in the needs of the community.

Will anything change in the next 12 months?2020-08-06T13:53:37-08:00

Through this affiliation, we will immediately proceed with significant reinvestment in the campus. We will complete the renovation of existing buildings, to increase our number of available residences from 35 to 45 assisted and independent living residences, along with enhancing the landscaping throughout.

How will we stay informed about the changes taking place?2020-08-06T13:54:13-08:00

We remain committed to open and honest communication with our residents and their families, our staff, and the broader community. We will continue to provide frequent updates, while encouraging residents, families and staff to feel free to ask questions.We will be hosting a series of meetings for Twelve Oaks residents, families and team members. For specific information, please contact